Evette Fielding

‘It was a terrifying experience! This place is one of if not the most haunted house in the world! Evette F, Presenter, Most Haunted

‘It is without doubt one of the (if not the most) scariest places we have been to.’ Karl B, Producer/Director Most Haunted

‘All in all the house delivered more than we had hoped for and more than we expected.’ Karl B, Producer/Director Most Haunted

‘This place is buzzing, all they want to do is communicate.’ Nicole A

‘It started as soon as we walked in and carried on until we left.’ Karl B, Producer/Director Most Haunted

‘It was great. I’m going to send you a full report. We will be booking again.’ Kylie D

‘Your house is extremely active and writing about it as it is today has been a fantastic experience.’ Andrew E

‘Your house scared the life out of us.’ Kevin W

‘We had one mad hour… the fear kicked in.’ Gary H

‘What we experienced probably no paranormal investigators have experienced, it has affected us personally… it was very intense… maybe wouldn’t do again.’ Nicole A

‘We conclude, yes you do have poltergeist activity in that house – hope other people experience what we did.’ Nicole A

‘I think you need to warn people if they are sensitive it will affect them. The moans we heard off video camera, then messing with the shadow detector and rem-pod would scare any human being! There is serious stuff going on in that house but not worth the after affects.’ Nicole A

‘What a place! I experienced more things that night than I have ever experienced in my life, quite literally it scared me down to the bone! We ended up running away in complete terror!’ Kevin W

‘I can definitely see why you wouldn’t stay there. The house is mad. It’s as though the very fabric of the building is alive with something sinister.’ Karl B, Producer/Director Most Haunted

‘One of our team said it was like the walls were watching us.’ Karl B, Producer/Director Most Haunted

‘The whole group experienced activity that couldn’t be debunked.’ Lisa R

‘Last night was a great experience! There was definitely footsteps from upstairs, running. A growl from the cupboard under the stairs. Not the most active night, but great! We all enjoyed it.’ Liam K

‘It was quite fascinating. The locked off objects also were quite interesting in the lounge as they were constantly being set off and one of the most interesting things was a morse code type tapping in the largest bedroom which could also be heard in the first bedroom.’ Very strange. Hazel F

‘We had a fantastic night. East drive is one of the best locations our team have been on.’ Lisa R

‘This is the best place ever. What a great night.’ The Most Haunted Team

‘What can I say? We had some fantastic results.’ Steve J

‘I would like to be given the opportunity to investigate this fantastic location again.’ Steve J

‘Thank you so much for the chance to stay there, it’s something I will never forget.’ Barry D

‘If you go there, NEVER lower your guard and underestimate this house.’ Stephen W

‘Great night, very atmospheric. Very heavy from the moment we walked in.’ Kellie E

‘We had a fantastic night with all the team experiencing things.’ Linda M

‘My friend will now not return, and my dad who is a life long sceptic, is now a firm believer. It was a very frightening experience!’ Kevin W

‘ ‘He’ wanted to do very evil things, wanted to cause harm.’ Adele L

‘Undoubtedly one of the most active places we have visited.  Fantastic evidence, even if it was a little bit scary at times!’ Hanna I

’30 East Drive did not fail us on our investigation and has left us with more questions than answers.’ Indigo P

‘We had a fantastic evening at 30 East Drive, affected people in many different ways.’ Maxine L

‘He is very powerful and doesn’t need to feed off energy because he has so much power himself.’ Stephen W

‘We had communication from a little girl looking for her mummy, wanting a hug.’ Stephen W

‘(When it appeared) even non-believers were converted.’ Adele L

‘(What we experienced was) absolutely impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Gemma E

‘We had an amazing night at 30 East Drive.’ Adam O

‘The visit was very good! Not as active in many was as my last visit but much better in others. I’m sure we will be booking again!’ Simon P

‘Your house is the real deal!!’ Kevin W

‘Our 2nd visit to this truly paranormal hotspot, a very scary place.’ British Paranormal Investigations

‘(This) building holds the key to a mystery that I doubt we will ever fully understand.’ Kevin W

‘It is by far the most haunted house I have ever been in, it’s possibly the most haunted house in the country’ Kevin W

‘I have been in the Ancient Ram Inn while extremely active, I think (30 East drive) is more haunted than that!’ Kevin W

‘I can no longer dismiss anything I record at East Drive through logic and rationale.’ Andy E

‘You don’t come across many investigations like this one proved to be. Footsteps, growls, dark shadows and utterly terrifying at times!’ Ben C

‘What a night!’ Warren R

‘After witnessing noises, experiencing physical pain and sensing more than four spirits throughout our long and haunting night, we can safely say this old building is one of the most haunted locations to date.’ Team PRISM & HPG

‘We experienced things moving, got a few good EVPs and generally had an awesome experience overall! Rachel T

‘We had a fantastic experience’ Dani R

‘My husband and I embarked on a life-changing ghost hunt at your fabulous house last night and would love to come back!!’ Claire M

‘My husband Steve who WAS a hardened sceptic, has now been well and truly converted to a true believer of the paranormal! Claire M

‘Our team had an excellent investigation on Saturday at 30 East Drive’ Kimberley B