1. TV blaring – house empty. Witness: Carol F
  2. Bed in Diane’s old room trashed at 4am. Witness: Carol F’s son.
  3. Figure of man made from duvet placed on neighbour’s son’s bed. Witness:  Carol F and her son.
  4. 6’5″ shadow of a man walks from kitchen into neighbour’s house. Witness: Competition winner
  5. Circle drawn on back by finger whilst lying on the floor in front room. Witness: Debra M
  6. Penny dropping from nowhere, rolling into middle of front room. Witness: Carol and Darren F, Gordon M, Debra M, two competition winners.
  7. TV turning off at wall. Witness: Debra M, Gordon M, two competition winners
  8. Every radiator mysteriously being turned up full having been turned down by guest. Witness: Gary J
  9. Constantly disappearing portable thermostat. Witness: Documentary film crew
  10. Missing keys found inside broken vacuum cleaner. Witness: Documentary film crew
  11. Dolls in front room change position. Witness: Carol F
  12. Thermostat from downstairs mantelpiece found on Diane’s bed. Witness: Bil B
  13. Half of back gate opening fully at 2am on calm, quiet night having just been closed and blocked with heavy concrete block by the witness. Witness: Bil B
  14. 75% charge phone dying suddenly. This has happened to a few visitors. Witness: Bil B
  15. Untaken photo’ (in connection to dying phone above) suddenly appearing weeks later. Witness: Bil B
  16. Glowing ball of blue light in corridor, seen from window. This has been seen by a few visitors, on one occasion Police were called. Witness: Passing friend of neighbour
  17. Shadow of tall man running passed neighbour’s back windows unaffected by fences. Witness: Neighbour three doors down from 30
  18. Column of ice cold air in corridor. Witness: Nelly B
  19. Box of puzzle pieces found on floor, puzzle box found to be sealed. Witness: Darren F and Bil B
  20. Door under the stairs firmly stuck (it opens fine). Witness: Nelly B, Gary J and Jane McG.
  21. Girl held down on bed in the small room. Witness: Freelance Researcher – she said it might have been a night terror but she hasn’t had one since she was a child.
  22. Candle pot put in kitchen placed onto beer tankard within minutes. Witness: Bil B
  23. Researcher sees form in the coal hole and gets pinned in room. Witness: Lorna T
  24. Group of researchers witness shadow in corridor, shadow captured on film (21:43). Witness: Glen
  25. Research group hear bed moving in Phillip’s room then discover bed had moved. Witness: FS Leeds
  26. Research group get voice response using Spirit Box “Who’s there” “Monk” “Do you want us to leave?” “Yes”. Then the voice says “December 1974” Later a piece of newspaper marked December is found under the researcher’s seat. Witness: Lorna T
  27. Running footsteps upstairs and a growl from the cupboard under the stairs. Witness: Liam K
  28. Heavy bang from upstairs in empty house. Witness: Bil B
  29. Upstairs middle door opening on its own. Witness: Paul J
  30. The doll in the living room that had been sat upright was laid face down. Witness: Amanda M
  31. Whispers, bumps, bangs and dragging sounds. Witness: Amanda M
  32. Phones and filming equipment malfunctioned without explanation. Witness: Stuart W and guest
  33. Definite form passes camera in darkness. Witness: Mark V
  34. A long white feather being placed on camera. Witness: Amanda M
  35. Asked sister in toilet “Are you alright” which she replied “Yes thank you” BUT at the exact same time she replied the WHOLE GROUP said “Wow, did you hear that!”? A man’s “HMM MMM” mocking sister’s reply. Witness: Paul J and guests
  36. Coal house door jammed on nephew and guest resulting in panic. Witness: Paul J and nephew
  37. Mobile phones drained and malfunctioned. Witness: Amanda M and group
  38. The (stopped) small kitchen clock turned to the wall and began ticking. Witness: Amanda M
  39. Headaches suffered (never suffers headaches), feeling drained and unwell for 24hrs. Witness: Paul J’s nephew
  40. The wooden cross in the ‘Parent’s Room’ was lifted off the dressing table and placed back onto the window sill. Witness: Amanda M
  41. An old utility bill sent to the previous owner (Jean Maynard) found in the cupboard under the stairs. It definitely wasn’t there before. Witness: Bil B
  42. The French doors in the front room opened by themselves. Witness: Steve J and group
  43. ‘Spirit ball’ moved unaided in response to questioning. Witness: Lorna T
  44. Mobile phones malfunctioning for days afterwards. Witnesses: Amanda M, Bil B and others.
  45. Unusual ‘orbs’ coming out of the cupboard in droves (more like lights than orbs). They circled people in the room before shooting back to the cupboard. Witness: Hazel F and team
  46. An EMF meter and K2 sat on the old cabinet in the front room flash before the door of the cabinet opens confidently. Caught on filmWitness: Kath B,  Steve J and group
  47. Monitoring equipment was constantly being set off. Once a morse code type tapping in the largest bedroom was loud enough to be heard in the first bedroom. Witness: Hazel F and team
  48. Corridor light going on and off viewed outside of empty house. Witness: Carol F and passer by.
  49. Curtain moving aside by something in empty house. Witness: Carol F and passer by.
  50. Infrared photo take in darkness from ‘Diane’s Room’ of the bathroom. Distinct human form on photo (incredible). Photographer: Amanda M
  51. Two photographs taken seconds apart from the upstairs landing looking downstairs. The first shows nothing, the second shows a large black shadow coming upstairs (image coming soon). Witness: Andrew E and guests
  52. Infra red camcorder footage of a shadow moving across the wall in Philip’s bedroom. Witness: Andrew E and guests
  53. Large form stood in the doorway in Philip’s bedroom caught on camera. Photographer: Andrew E
  54. Infra red still camera picking up a large black mass stood at the top of the stairs. Witness: Andrew E and guests
  55. Spirit box recording of direct answers to questions and reading words and numbers from pre-made prompt cards. Witness: Andrew E and guests
  56. Digital voice recorder clearly picking up voices as if interrupting conversations. Witness: Andrew E and guests
  57. Very unusual ‘flying saucer’ orb captured on film. Photographer: Andrew E
  58. A crayon dropped from nowhere. Witness: Tyler E and group
  59. The Spirit Ball moved upon request. Witness: Tyler E and group
  60. Group mentioned getting a candle to experiment with whereupon the cabinet door opened revealing a candle on a saucer. The group closed the door and asked the spirit to open the door again which it readily did, the event was caught on film. Notice the spirit light on the K2 meter flickering. Witness: Kath B and group
  61. Possible spirits of dogs photographed (coming soon). Witness: Karen D and group
  62. The bible in the kitchen photographed in one position and later photographed in another. Witness: Andrew E
  63. A button was thrown aggressively through the glass of the French doors hitting the chest of a young female guest. Witness: Andrew E
  64. An EVP meter was violently ejected from the hand of an investigator hitting a wall narrowly missing a second investigator. Witness: Andrew E
  65. Two orbs visited a guest sat in the front room. They looked inquisitively at the observer for a couple of minutes before quietly leaving the room. Witness: Guest of Nicole A
  66. A shadow detector went off on its own upstairs, but then appeared to malfunction. The two visitors discovered that the detector had had its switches turned off. Witness: Nicole A and guest
  67. Jigsaw Puzzle pieces appeared in Diane’s Room, having not been there before. Witness: Nicole A and guest
  68. Someone was clearly heard in the Parent’s Room while all the monitors went off. Witness: Nicole A and guest
  69. Several ‘off-camera’ moans heard during visit (coming soon). Witness: Nicole A and guest
  70. Laughter and coughing recorded. Witness: Kester L
  71. The ‘Alice Box’ responded to someone drinking Babycham on the TV with the word ‘alcohol’. There were dozens of uncanny responses like this. Witness: Keiren D
  72. Strong cold breeze up the stairs followed by a bad smell. Witness: Hazel F and group
  73. Black mass appeared from floor when a guest started speaking in Latin. Witness: Hazel F and group
  74. A single bare foot appeared in the doorway, witnessed on two separate visits. Witness: Hazel F and group
  75. Vase thrown violently at guests as they arrived. Witness: Hazel F and group
  76. “Growl” heard from the kitchen. Witness: Steve J and group
  77. Faint sound of ‘instruments’ being played in the kitchen. Witness: Steve J and group
  78. Knocks and slight rasping throughout the house all night. Witness: Steve J and group
  79. Numerous spikes on all monitoring equipment especially when asking if “Fred was with us”. Witness: Steve J and group
  80. A massive shadow by the draws and up the wall, but not in the second photo (coming soon). Witness: Steve J and group
  81. Shadow coming from the living room and almost creeping up the stairs, again nothing in the second photo (coming soon). Witness: Steve J and group
  82. Large pink orb was darting around one of the women in the group. Witness: Barry D and group
  83. A total of 55 batteries died in quick succession. Witness: Barry D and group
  84. Everyones’ phone died. Witness: Barry D and group
  85. The (fully charged) spirit box started to pick up some odd sounds then it just died. No power at all. One of the group then said “if you are that good, turn it back on”. It instantly switched back on (caught on camera) Witness: Barry D and group
  86. A motion sensor in the closed coal shed went off in the early hours. Witness: Barry D and group
  87. Someone asked “are you playing games with us?” The group received a very clear “Yes” in response. Witness: The SN paranormal group
  88. Team member began coughing then struggling to get her breath like her chest was being crushed. Witness: Adele L
  89. Random words on computer monitor was asking team member about her day at work. Witness: Adele L
  90. Group leader asked if ‘Fred’ wanted to “play”. Then a noise was heard on the landing so the group leader rushed to see and standing in the doorway off the small bedroom was a really tall black figure which moved into the room behind the door. Not thinking, the group leader walked straight into the shadow, an experience that affected him badly. Witness: Group Leader, SN paranormal group
  91. The wall in the small room behind the door had a static charge coming off it which could be felt by all in group, it was like an electric shock that gave you pins and needles. Witness: The SN paranormal group
  92. Team member was looking through pictures on a digital camera, suddenly a face appeared close up and it made her jump. (An image similar to a book cover, coming soon) Witness: Adele L
  93. Whispers and bangs throughout the night. Witness: Gemma E and friends.
  94. When sat at the bottom of stairs asking for proof (the windows shut tight so no breezes) the curtain in front of the group started gently blowing out from the window for a few minutes. Witness: Gemma E and friends.
  95. Guest poured her dog some water from a small jug around 4am. The dog finished the water. 15 mins later the jug had filled to the brim with water on its own. Witness: Gemma E and friends.
  96. Putting the lid onto her meter, the lid flew out of her hand landing the other side of kitchen. Witness: Gemma E
  97. A large faint shadow passes in front of the camera. Witness: Gemma E
  98. Team member decided to do a short lone vigil in the coal house. After a couple of minutes the door was opened. What stood there didn’t look like a ‘friend or team member’. One of his arms was ‘sort of twisted and his face looked very strange, he couldn’t move his arm… He was totally incapable of getting himself out of the cupboard, he was shaking and crying and couldn’t control his emotions’ (contd below). Witness: Stephen W
  99. They then took the SB11 Spirit Box to the coal shed and asked if the spirit that had ‘hurt my friend’ was there… “YES” was the response. ‘Why did you hurt my friend’ they asked, “F#*# OFF” was the response, loud and clear (full article). Witness: Stephen W
  100. Strange horizontal flashes of light were seen at the bottom of the stairs. Witness: Jordan P
  101. The picture at the bottom of the stairs was photographed straight and was next spotted and photographed at an angle (coming soon). Witness: Jordan P
  102. The house is associated with a ‘bees’ event (see When the Lights Went Out). When the witnesses drove away from the house their car was suddenly surrounded by a swarm of bees. Witness: Jordan P and mother
  103. Non drinker sat on the bed in the ‘Parents Room’ suddenly felt very drunk, the symptoms staying for a while after leaving the room. Witness: Cindy C
  104. A peculiar torn piece of very old paper appeared on the mantle piece having not been there before. Witness: Jordan P
  105. A yellowed piece of 70’s newspaper appeared in the front room. Witness: Bil B
  106. A ball dropped down the stairs on its own. Witness: Kellie E and group
  107. ‘Emily’ made her presence known with lighting up the EMF’s in response to questions asked and touched one of the team on the back of the leg a few times. Witness: Indigo P
  108. ‘A man called Victor’ tried to make his presence known along with footsteps and three taps coming from upstairs. Witness: Indigo P
  109. Within 2 hours of arriving at 30 East Drive a total 5 cameras completely drained of battery life. Witness: Indigo P
  110. Equipment turned itself on and off continually throughout the night. Witness: Indigo P
  111. Several people felt as if they were being pushed over the banister. Witness: Indigo P
  112. A team member felt their feet being lifted off the floor. Witness: Indigo P
  113. A large handprint appeared on the bathroom mirror that was bigger than any human hand could possibly be. Witness: Indigo P
  114. A large black shadow was captured on the stairs. Witness: Indigo P
  115. Orbs appeared in several of the rooms. Witness: Indigo P
  116. ‘An angry man came through’ so strongly that the team had to take time out to collect themselves and allow the presence to calm down. Witness: Indigo P
  117. It was noted that a pack of cards that was in the living room had been disturbed. All night they had been stacked neatly face down. On inspection the deck had been disturbed and the top card flipped over to reveal the joker. Witness: Indigo P
  118. A black shadow appeared on the stair case. Witness: Pamela R
  119. Guest’s hair was pulled out of its clip. Witness: Pamela R
  120. Loads of light anomies caught on film. Witness: Pamela R
  121. Lots of EVP, knocks and bangs coming from the house. Witness: Pamela R
  122. Got told to “get out” on one EVP. Witness: Pamela R
  123. Knocks on the wardrobe. Witness: Pamela R
  124. Team photographed a little girl reading a book (coming soon). Witness: John S
  125. Voices heard saying “p*** off, f*** you and Irene”. Witness: John S and guests
  126. Loads of loud banging. Witness: Adam O and guests
  127. Lots of objects moving. Witness: Adam O and guests
  128. Team member clearly remembers putting his phone in his back pocket whilst in a bedroom. Upon returning to the kitchen, his phone was laying face down on the table. Witness: Adam O
  129. Tables were tipped. Witness: Adam O and guests
  130. A bible was thrown at a guest across the room. Witness: Adam O and guests
  131. Guests were throw out of rooms by unseen hands. Witness: Adam O and guests
  132. The lampshade swung deliberately in the front room. Witness: Lee W and guests
  133. The strong lingering smell of a ‘wet dog’ with no dog present. Witness: Andrew E
  134. ‘Blackness’ descended from the staircase and so disturbed the witness he fell into the foetal position to protect himself. Witness: Andrew E
  135. Clear vocal responses to prompt cards being held up. Witness: Andrew E
  136. Guest sat on parent’s bed in double room challenging the spirits. Suddenly the bed was ‘lifted off the floor’ by an unseen agent. Witness: Andrew E
  137. Voices in the background of a recording made upstairs saying “Get down evil” and “Get out, he’s here” (recording). Witness: Andrew E
  138. A shadow passes in front of a full spectrum camera. Witness: Andrew E
  139. A camera positioned solidly on a tripod gets pushed over in the dark. Witness: Andrew E
  140. K2 work got some very strong responses with good loud taps being heard. Witness: Simon P
  141. Hearing noises coming from house, witness visits house to see all is well for the guests, only to discover it was empty. Witness: Carol F
  142. A 5p piece was thrown from one room to another. Witness: Paul S
  143. The front room cabinet door opened on its own. Witness: Paul S
  144. A marble was thrown into the room. Witness: Paul S
  145. The lampshade in the front room swung of its own accord (like a scene from ‘When the Lights Went Out’). Witness: Lee W
  146. The kitchen light and a camera had their power cut at exactly the same time. Witness: Lois L
  147. Lamp light bulb broke on its own in an empty house. Witness: Lois L
  148. Lots of strong responses and loud taps on the K2. Witness: Simon P
  149. Marble thrown at wall – twice. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  150. Pen stack knocked over – twice. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  151. A domino appeared in a fallen pen stack. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  152. 6 marbles gathered one at a time in the centre of the room. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  153. A ‘Charles card‘ from a children’s game and half a plastic figurine appeared. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  154. Torch and ‘Mel meter’ inexplicably malfunctioned. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  155. A pair of trainers were placed on the sofa back and an open bible and ornament were placed on the sofa seat whist the group was upstairs. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  156. The top card of a pack of cards was the 2 of spades, later it was the 3 of hearts – the 2 of spades was later found sticking out of the bible on page 352. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  157. On returning the bible to its original place it was later found opened on page 412. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  158. Upon leaving, the front door was found to be locked – the group most definitely had left the key in the front door to ensure an easy departure and now it was missing. After a panic search it was later found placed back on the key hooks with the other keys. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  159. 4 Selfies taken on two separate phones simply failed to materialise. Witness: Kevin W and guests
  160. Freezing column of air outside ‘parent’s room’ causing hairs to stand on end (it was a warm summers night). Witness: Gary H
  161. Marbles placed on the bannister by the group had moved and fallen. Witness: Gary H and group
  162. Whilst witnessing the above the group experienced a blast of ice cold air causing panic. Witness: Gary H and group
  163. Freezing column of air outside ‘parent’s room’ causing hairs to stand on end. Witness: Gary H and group
  164. The team placed an Ace of Diamonds face down on a bible, it was later facing up. Witness: Witness: Gary H and group
  165. The team returned the Ace of Diamonds face down on the bible, but 15 minutes later it was once again facing up. Witness: Gary H and group
  166. Upon discovering the above, angry banging started upstairs. It got louder and louder as if it was descending the stairs before stopping suddenly, whereupon the atmosphere changed and the temperature began to return to normal. Witness: Witness: Gary H and group
  167. Lead investigator was attacked in Diane’s room with a burning sensation and had to leave the house for a while. Witness: Dave S
  168. Bangs on command. Witness: Dave S and BPI group
  169. Numerous dark shadows on the staircase and landing. Witness: Dave S and BPI group
  170. Batteries dying. Witness: Dave S and BPI group
  171. Glowing light on the stairs. Witness: Dave S and BPI group
  172. Lots of K2 spikes. Witness: Dave S and BPI group
  173. Large black shadow moved across the dining room. Witness: Sarah R and group
  174. TV turned itself on. Witness: Sarah R and group
  175. Taps, knocks, bangs, sounds of footsteps and general crashing about. Witness: Kevin W and group
  176. Random cold spots and cold breezes. Witness: Kevin W and group
  177. Group members feeling quite unwell at times. Witness: Kevin W and group
  178. k2s and Mel meter going off throughout evening. Witness: Kevin W and group
  179. Arriving early the group knocked on the door of 30 East Drive on the off chance there was someone in but the house was locked and vacant. As the group turned and walked back down the path someone started loudly and aggressively banging on the window as if to get their attention. The group presumed someone was indeed inside and returned only to reconfirm that the house was still firmly locked and vacant, a fact later confirmed when the house was opened for the waiting group 30 mins later. Witness: Kevin W and group
  180. P-SB11 spirit box recorded male voice several times (coming soon). Witness: Dave S and BPI group
  181. A revolting smell like burning sulphur/sewage that seemed to come and go. Witness: Kevin W and group
  182. Photos taken inside the house all blurred, outside fine. Witness tested the camera at home in similar lighting conditions and the images were perfect. Witness: Kevin W
  183. The highest ever Mel Meter captured is a 24.2mg on Poveglia Island in Italy, one of the most haunted places on earth. 20.7mg was captured at 30 East Drive, a very high reading. Witness: Kevin W and group
  184. Within 1 hour of arriving, guest had been mysteriously scratched on his arm (including a burning sensation) and had fractured his ankle – very peculiar given his whereabouts. Witness: Kevin W
  185. Using a brand new Kinect camera (that had been tested throughly with no capture) which uses Infra red laser mapping, thermal imaging and skeletal tracking – a very tall figure is captured standing inside the doorway (video). Witness: Andy E
  186. Shadow of a Civil War Soldier (possibly a Parliamentarian) soldier carrying a decorative pike or axe (illustration). (Note that the house also sits on a famous civil war battleground). Witness: Andy E group
  187. Dark shadows seen moving around the house. Witness: Sarah R and group
  188. Lights and torches turned off and on upon request. Witness: Sarah R and group
  189. An image of a very dark shadow (incredible) captured on the stairs. Witness: Craig L and group
  190. A strange light anomaly photographed. Witness: Craig L and group
  191. Ghost Portal Spirit Box had some fantastic results. Witness: Craig L and group
  192. Contact made with a Scots man and an Italian. Witness: Kevin W and group
  193. EMF readers were going crazy all night. Witness: Barry D
  194. At 2am, something firmly grabbed the leg of one of the group causing the female guest to flee in distress. Witness: Barry D
  195. A cry was heard from the kitchen. Witness: Barry D
  196. Witnesses felt like something followed them into their car and home – followed by things randomly dropping and smashing in their house. Witness: Barry D and partner
  197. A camera tripod was kicked over as two of the team were setting up. Witness: Carrie and Steve
  198. Two moans which sounded like a child’s cry were heard coming from a bedroom. Witness: Carrie and Steve
  199. A barbie doll was found perched on the edge of the bed in the small room (Diane’s). No one had been back in that room or touched the barbie. Witness: Carrie and Steve
  200. A buckeroo set in the living room went off on its own at 2am. Witness: Carrie and Steve
  201. Table tipping with a table brought by the team had amazing results with footage of what looks to be the table dragging across the floor with only two guests on the table with only their fingers touching (coming soon). Witness: Sarah R and group
  202. Editor: Whilst the following series of reports involve what could be described as mere coincidences, they are so remarkable and tightly connected to the guest’s visit to the house that they definitely deserve to be mentioned here – in an effort to remain open-minded as to the nature of what is occurring at 30 East Drive…

  203. Series of remarkable coincidences post very active night at 30 East Drive lead guest to conclude he had been ‘followed’: 10 mins after getting home, a large bird banged into the window where he was sat, the atmosphere changed in his house. Witness: Kevin W contd below.
  204. That night the guest’s wife put her head on the pillow to find a large metal spring in there. Witness: Kevin W and wife contd below.
  205. A random, totally unconnected sick note from a University in London was found in the shoe the guest had used at 30 East Drive. Interestingly the guest had fractured his ankle in the house (for no good reason – see 186 above) and had had to go to hospital as a result. Witness: Kevin W contd below.
  206. The guest’s wife’s hair brush disappeared for a few days, later appearing in the bath. There is “no way it could have got there by accident” the brush was used and left in a different room. Witness: Kevin W and wife contd below.
  207. Having developed a phobia of marbles since his visit (see 154 above) the guest immediately went on another ghost hunt. While there he started calling out “If you want me to leave, throw something at me hard.” With that, something ran out the darkness at him “It felt like being in a stampede, like something large was running past” he even covered his face and started screaming. Suddenly he was hit by a high velocity projectile in the leg – a burning hot yellow marble. “We weren’t even using marbles there”. Witness: Kevin W and group contd below.
  208. Guest suffered a recurring nightmare where he could see the “faceless Black Monk in the back garden of 30 East Drive perfectly” every night in his dreams. Upon returning to East Drive everything stopped; the nightmares, the intimidating feeling in his house, the inexplicable events, the fear. Witness: Kevin W
  209. Editor: Recently the Most Haunted team broadcast around 5 hours of highly entertaining content on and around 30 East Drive. It is inevitable that in the course of an investigation of the paranormal kind there will be some controversy and suspicion, and it’s with that consideration in mind (and in an effort to maintain the integrity of this page) that this list excludes some of the experiences allegedly documented by the MH team. HOWEVER it is important to add that the MH team were drawn to this incredible location by the genuine and inexplicable events occurring here and were definitely able to document some real paranormal events (substantiated by the experiences of other visitors, first hand accounts and a technical perspective) during their first trip on what was a particularly active night. These are some of their actual experiences:

  210. Marble thrown through wall. Witness: Yvette F and Most Haunted team
  211. Constant, footsteps and bangs from wherever the team weren’t. Witness: Most Haunted team
  212. Large wooden cross thrown off side board onto bed. Witness: Camera Man, Most Haunted Team
  213. Brush thrown at precisely the same time as (see below)… Witness: Most Haunted Team
  214. (see above)…the camera man and presenter were struck by something. Whatever struck the guests resulted in identical hot poker like burns on their arms, that gradually resulted in open wounds (video coming soon to support experience). Witness: Most Haunted Team
  215. EVP responses to direct questions. Witness: Most Haunted Team
  216. Table tennis balls moved deliberately without assistance, there is no breeze in Philip’s room (caught on film – coming soon). Witness: Most Haunted Team
  217. The group turned off all the lights, locked the house and returned the key to the neighbour only to discover that every single light in the house had turned back on. Witness: Karl B
  218. ———

  219. Team had little girl attempting to communicate with them, that went by the name apparently of “Emily”. Witness: Warren R and team
  220. Ongoing investigation (see 185) using new Kinect camera, a form appears next to an investigator and waves on request. Witness: Andy E
  221. Camera positioned at the bottom of the stairs captures a dolls pram apparently being pushed down the stairs – all the guests were downstairs at the time. Witness: Guests of Ghostly Goings On
  222. Marbles placed middle of master bed moved to floor. Witness: Team PRISM and HPG
  223. Finger tapping noises from behind the radiator – Central Heating was off. Witness: Team PRISM and HPG
  224. Strong smell of sulphur. Witness: Team PRISM and HPG
  225. Team member felt stroking on the back of his neck in the coal room. Witness: Team PRISM and HPG
  226. Tapping and knocks from windowsill. Witness: Tom – Team PRISM and HPG
  227. Loud banging around feet in response to team member asking for spirits to copy his noises. Witness: Ben – Team PRISM and HPG
  228. Female team member’s legs were stroked on the inner thigh. Witness: Team PRISM and HPG
  229. Blue lights witnessed in bathroom. Witness: Tom – Team PRISM and HPG
  230. Orbs circled around team members head during glass divination. Witness: Team PRISM and HPG
  231. Someone called Michael became present during glass divination. Witness: Team PRISM and HPG
  232. 4 hours after placing a new clock and ornament in the master bedroom they were both turned around. Witness: Bil B and Jason L
  233. Solid wooden cross mysteriously broken. Witness: Bil B
  234. Ceramic Monk thrown down stairs (shown here having been piled up by a guest where it was found). Witness: Bil B
  235. EVP of a female telling her name in the coal house. Witness: Nai D
  236. Intelligent responses from the ovilus regarding a ‘religious male’. Witness: Nai D
  237. Upstairs in the son’s bedroom a domino was thrown as group was exiting (coming soon). Witness: Garry D*
  238. As group descended the stairs another domino was thrown (see above), and a third found that hadn’t been there earlier. Witness: Garry D*
  239. Upon hearing a commotion from the coal shed, the guest exited to find a small plastic yellow ball rolling along the floor, having heard it bounce moments earlier. Witness: Garry D*
  240. Coins and marbles were thrown/moved. Witness: Miki & Alex
  241. Lots of voices heard throughout the night, mainly female, possibly a child. Witness: Miki & Alex
  242. Some EVPs caught on a camera mic. Witness: Miki & Alex
  243. A firmly placed gadget fell off the kitchen windowsill. Witness: Paula, friend of Julie A
  244. An old fashioned, clear child’s button came down from the bathroom ceiling and landed in the bath. Witness: Julie A
  245. Single mattress completely disappeared**. Witness: Carol F
  246. Growling coming from coal room. Witness: Scott L
  247. Coal room door sounded like it was being pushed open but never opened. Witness: Scott L
  248. About 3.00am everyone woke up from sounds of something being dragged in the bedroom with the boiler in. Witness: Scott L and group
  249. At 10.45am there was a little girl’s christening dress hung up in the bathroom that what wasn’t there when the group first got up. After popping out of the house, the group all went back into the bathroom and the dress had gone. It was now hung on the back of the kid’s bedroom door. Witness: Scott L and group
  250. A little child’s handprint appeared on the wardrobe mirror (there have been no children in the house). Witness: Scott L and group
  251. Group all slept in the master bedroom and were awoken by something being dragged in the other bedroom about 3.00am then something banged the bedroom door. Witness: Scott L and group
  252. Caught an EVP recording of someone called Pete. Witness: Dani R
  253. Saw a boy in a white jumper stood across the upstairs landing. Witness: Dani R
  254. Child’s ball disappeared and could not be found again. Witness: Steve R and group
  255. A doll placed on the top shelf of the coal hole was later found on the bottom shelf wearing a necklace. Witness: Steve R and group
  256. Group member received mysterious scratches on their leg. Witness: Steve R and group
  257. Polystyrene ball placed as trigger object disappeared. Witness: Steve R and group
  258. Group removed blanket covering large television, but couldn’t work the TV so gave up. Later, after being upstairs, the group returned to discover that the blanket had been placed neatly back on the TV. Witness: Steve R and group
  259. Upon mounting the stairs for a second time, two kitchen knives were found sat on one of the steps – they definitely weren’t there before. Witness: Steve R and group
  260. Group spent the night in ‘Philip’s room. In the middle of the night a loud bang was heard and a ‘yellow ball of fire’ shot across the room and disappeared’ Witness: Steve R and group
  261. Piano keys played shortly after piano was installed. Witness: Carol F and group
  262. Large glass living room door shattered. Though a guest was near the glass when it shattered, guests later communicated with a spirit upstairs and asked if it broke the glass – to which it responded ‘yes it did’. Witness: Guest of East Drive and group
  263. Editor: On a recent trip to 30 East Drive, the editor found himself firmly at the centre of attention. The following incredible and inexplicable events are precisely what happened between 3-6pm Sunday 14th Feb 2016; it must be love!

  264. A domino materialised in mid-air by the kitchen table and was thrown at the editor’s head, missing him by a whisker. Witness: Editor
  265. A marble was thrown ‘like a bullet’ from the ceiling behind the editor at precisely the same time as he was picking up a marble. The marble missed his right ear by a whisker and hit the piano causing a dink in the varnish on the left of the fall board. Witness: Editor and guests
  266. Whist sat in the front room, a very distinctive aroma akin to menthol surrounded the editor and only the editor. After a thorough check it was established that there was absolutely no menthol in the house and the origin of the smell remained unestablished. Editor and guests
  267. Having recovered around 20 screws from a bin bag, the editor and group went upstairs. Whilst checking Diane’s room two screws were thrown from the ceiling from behind the editor, missing him by a whisker. Upon returning to the kitchen the number of screws had diminished from 20 to around a dozen. Witness: Editor and guests
  268. A plastic orange fruit ‘hopped out of the fruit bowl’ into the path of the neighbour’s 4 year old grand daughter, as if offering her something to play with, the fruit being clearly heard to ‘jump and land’ by several witnesses in the front room. Asked how the neighbour’s grand daughter got the fruit, she said that “the man threw it to her”. There was no one else in the kitchen at the time (an image of the bite the girl made out of the polystyrene orange). Witness: Carol F, Editor and guests
  269. Another plastic fruit made its way from the fruit bowl to the kitchen mantle piece shortly after being placed in the fruit bowl. Witness: Guest of 30 East Drive
  270. A red plastic ball was thrown at the editor, he thought it was going to hit him in the face, but instead it missed him by a whisker. Witness: Editor
  271. Before leaving the building, the editor went to retrieve his hat and jacket. The hat had been thrown from the travel case, where it had been resting, onto the sofa. Witness: Editor
  272. Footsteps on the first floor – team was sure a team member must have been upstairs but everyone was accounted for. Witness: Steve B and team
  273. A female member of the team was alone in the lounge during a short break, a kind of crack/thump/shock ran through the room and shook the small display case that’s near the double door. Witness: Steve B and team
  274. During a vigil the guest asked “whoever was with us” to sit down on the old brown leather chair and “join us”. Then the whole chair seemed to jolt quite violently lifting the front two legs off the floor. Witness: Steve B
  275. K2 meters direct responses to questions. Witness: Steve B and team
  276. House very active from the moment the team stepped into the location – but every time the only male member came into a room the activity would stop. Witness: Kimberley B
  277. EVP recording captured of someone called ‘Pete’. Witness: Anon
  278. A ‘boy in a white jumper’ witnessed stood across the landing. Witness: Anon
  279. A number of ‘poltergeist’ type episodes with coins and marbles being thrown/moved. Witness: Miki & Alex
  280. Lots of sound activity with voices being heard throughout the night, including a female (probably), possibly a child. Witness: Miki & Alex
  281. An EVP of a female in the coal house telling her name. Witness: Nai D
  282. Some intelligent responses from an ovilus regarding a ‘religious male’. Witness: Nai D
  283. Full body apparition photographed (coming soon). Witness: Joanne
  284. Red Bull can was heard scraping across kitchen surface, it had moved from one end of the top to the other. Witness: Kenny H
  285. Team member was pushed down the stairs. She described the sensation as having the ‘carpet pulled out from under her feet’. Witness: Sarah
  286. Team member found inexplicable scratches on her leg. Witness: Sarah
  287. Loud urgent banging was recorded from a static camera in the coal hole (coming soon). Witness: Kenny H and group
  288. The kitchen cupboards opened on their own. Witness: Kenny H and group
  289. The coal hole door opened on its own. Witness: Kenny H and group
  290. The Piano sounded on its own, a ‘very deliberate pushing of the keys’. Witness: Kenny H and group
  291. A doll was found wedged deep inside the piano. Witness: Kenny H and group
  292. A marble was ‘ejected from his chest’ whilst he was sat in the front room. Witness: Scott H

*Guest definitely witnessed the above but feels that they can’t be judged as 100% credible as the events always happened just out of sight. They are mentioned here because the Editor’s experience confirms that very often events occur ‘off camera’. Also, thrown balls and dominos have been witnessed several times by others at this juncture.

**Editor is perplexed. Why anyone would want to steal a second hand £30 mattress? If anyone knows what happened to it – please let Editor know here. There will be no recourse whatsoever – simply want to know if this is the biggest object ever ‘teleported’ by a poltergeist or the work of someone in need of a good nights sleep.

If anyone that has witnessed anything not listed in connection to the house, please contact us with your story, we’d love to add it!